Monday, February 7, 2011

Experimenting with Mixed Media

The new year hit the family and me with a bang...sick for three weeks. Then, we were house bound in the snow for almost a week.  Through it all, I painted, knitted and sewed to keep my sanity.  Unfortunately, the blog was neglected, but I'm here to remedy that now.  The down time allowed me to experiment and play a little.  During a break in the grayness, spring teased us with a few warm, sunny days.  I made this songbird to celebrate my happiness.  The materials used were things that were just hanging around the house...cardboard, paper, pencils and good ol' duct tape.  It was sealed with a clear finish so it's pretty sturdy and ready to go.  


  1. I so love this! It makes me smile :)

  2. Come over and make one with me!

  3. It is GORGEOUS! Thanks for starting spring early :)