Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lisa's Backyard Friends

It seems that I've been busy with all sorts of interesting things lately.  Luckily, there is a good bit of content to add here from these last few months.  Inspiration abounds and the creative juices are flowing.  Some mornings while sipping coffee, I take a few moments to sit and watch the often overlooked world of critters in the back yard.  Pure joy!  The crows particularly like the pet food and visit often, much to the cat's swishy tail disgust.  The chickadees and finches pile on the feeders emptying them of food at a surprising rate.  Today we spotted a baby chipmunk with two squirrels on the back porch looting the messy birds' discarded seeds.  Whether it's true or not, we believe they adopted the little guy.  It's more fun that way.  My sister-in-law, Lisa enjoys her back yard, too.  These three acrylic paintings are of her most frequent visitors, the Carolina Chickadee, Purple Finch, and Goldfinch.


  1. Wow Amy, you have become a wonderful artist. So glad you are on NCALs team. Phillis

  2. I just love these paintings, Amy! You just keep shining! :) :)