Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How I spent my summer

Has it really been two months since the last post?  Well, I've been busily working on many different personal projects and preparing lessons for the kids' art classes.  Currently, I have five art journals in progress.  Five?  Isn't that a bit excessive?  Maybe, but they each have a specific purpose.  My very first journal (with the elephant cover) only has one empty page remaining.  Another journal stays in the studio so I can work out ideas on paper before they make it to the canvas.  It has gotten a lot of use lately, as I'm working on a particularly difficult painting.  Sometimes everything flows smoothly, other times it is an uphill battle, but giving up is not an option.   There is a  mixed media journal with thicker paper that can take watercolors, collage, and paint.  The homeschoolers  will be using this one in class, so I've been experimenting with it to find its limits.  I found a forgotten journal while decluttering a bookshelf, hence the benefits of cleaning. (Kids, are you listening?)  I splurged and bought a Moleskine journal that is small enough to go with me everywhere.  Now when I find myself waiting somewhere, I sketch instead of complaining.  No more impatient lady!  Drawing has become a sort of daily meditation for me.  My goal  is to share this knowledge and passion of art with the kids and adults around me so they can feel the goodness, too. 

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