Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This poor, neglected blog

Five months?!  Really?  Well, thanks to a friend's comment, I'm at it again.  This school year has been incredibly fulfilling, but very time consuming.  Teaching three art classes and happily working on a steady flow of commissioned paintings -- as well as living as a homeschooling family and playing with friends -- leaves little time for much else.  I feel very fortunate to have all of this busyness in my life.  With that said, I took a short break to sketch and paint something just for myself.  The pencil sketch sat in my journal for at least a month while the ideas for colors and moods formed.  By the time I put the first dollop of paint on the palette, I could see the entire painting in my mind.  Sometimes I have to fight to get a painting "right"; other times, the entire idea is scrapped and the partially-finished canvas gets pushed to the side until it can be covered with gesso to make a fresh start another day.  Working on these birds made me so happy and whole again.  Art is therapy!   I choose not to title most of my personal paintings because it's more fun for the viewer if I let the image speak for itself.

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  1. I not only think this picture is beautiful and has a lot to say, but I love to read your posts. They are interesting and insightful. Thanks for letting us enjoy you and your work! :)